There is a common desire for some kind of assurance that the goods we buy are “safe”, not only for ourselves but for the environment as a whole.
IGI is determined that rolls of wallcoverings should be governed by a system of control that will ensure they do not cause any problems for the consumer or the world at large. IGI has therefore established the ground rules for a quality assurance system that is applicable worldwide. IGI proposes to act as the monitoring body for the award of a distinctive symbol that can be used on rolls and packaging to indicate that the product conforms to these rules.

10 Product Categories:
1. Wallpaper   simplex (including whites for subsequent decoration)
2. Wallpaper    duplex (including whites for subsequent decoration)
3. Solid Vinyl   paper-backed
4. Solid Vinyl   other backing (specify)
5. Blown Vinyl   chemically or mechanically embossed
6. Textile Wallcoverings
7. Woodchip
8. Non Woven direct printed or coated & printed
9. Non Woven  backed solid vinyl
10. Non Woven backed blown vinyl

Rules of the IGI Quality Mark

A Company may be awarded the IGI Quality Mark if:

It has submitted a formal statement to IGI that its product conforms to the CEN Standards :
– EN 233:2016
– EN 234: 1997
– EN 259-1: 2001
– EN 266: 1992


It has properly selected its sample to be tested in the appropriate category, submitted it to the IGI Secretariat for testing and approval as complying with the CEN tests listed above, plus other tests specified here by IGI (see later).

CEN Standards Definitions

EN 233: 2016: Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for finished wallpapers, wall vinyls and plastic wallcoverings.
EN 234: 1997: Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for wallcoverings for subsequent decoration.
EN 259-1:2001:Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for heavy duty wallcoverings.
EN 266:1992:Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for textile wallcoverings.

To obtain the IGI Quality Mark, please contact IGI Secretariat on info@igiwallcoverings.org